Want to Become a Real Estate Agent?


Becoming a real estate agent is a great job and career decision. If you have a passion for real estate, houses, design and helping people, this may be right for you!  If you love selling and homes, you’ll find that being one is both rewarding and exciting. However, the real estate world is very competitive and is not as easy as some may think.  There is a very high failure rate for Real Estate Agents since most people don’t realize how much work is really involved and think it is easier than it is. 

There are many great ways you can succeed and become the real estate agent you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Check out these top tips:

Get a mentor or broker with great experience and training…

The best way to become a great real estate agent is by gaining valuable experience from others. To do this, try finding a reliable and successful real estate agent that you can assist in sales.This will help you grow and learn about the industry, and there are many skilled professionals out there who know how to get you the job. Having these experiences and connections is key and will help you become the best real estate agent you can be.

Set realistic expectations…

Working in Real Estate is not easy… it’s hard work and takes a massive commitment and a positive attitude.  You are in sales and that means you need to do lead generating of some sort to find your clients.  This can involve a combination of internet marketing, door-to-door prospecting and even cold calling.  If you are not comfortabke doing any of this… get over it! 

Start to build a book of business…

Keep a book or portfolio of contacts in the industry, including brokers, agents, sellers, investors and more. You’ll want to build a book of resources that allows you to stay informed on the business of real estate. File away important information because it does come in good use later.

Use the Internet…

The Internet is a vital source to real estate agents because it allows for a popular method of communication and selling. By building your own website, you can attract thousands of people looking to purchase homes. It’s a great way to get in contact with people, provide information and show listings. Without the internet, you will have a very hard time letting people know who you are. Most people look for real estate agents through the internet.

Most importantly, get a license…

To become a real estate agent, you need a license. There are many schools to choose from but it is important you research the schools and determine which one has the best program for you.  There are many programs available that are flexible based on your schedule.  Although you want to study hard for the test, you also want to have a plan for if you don’t pass. This allows you to know what steps to take and how you can still work on becoming a real estate agent.

Research the brokerages…

There are so many different brokerages around and each one offers something slightly different and charges different fees.  When starting off, it is very important that you have support to help you succeed.  I am with Keller Williams Realty and for me they are the best fit and I can’t imagine going anywhere else.  Keller Williams offers amazing training, mentoring, a stable brand and amazing culture! 

Although this career can be very challenging, it is also very rewarding and has amazing payoffs in the end!  This is one of the few fields where you have unlimited earning potential and it is based solely on how hard you work! 

If you are thinking about joining Real Estate, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have! 

Lori Kennedy
Kennedy Dream Homes
Keller Williams Realty East Valley


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